Susan Brown, LCSW

 “No-nonsense to-the-heart-of-the-matter approach”

Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD

4700 Spring St. Suite 204 La Mesa, CA. 91942


B.A. Biology
The American University, Washington, D.C.
Degree Awarded, June 1973

Master’s Clinical Social Work
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
Degree Awarded, May 1979

Board Certified Diplomate Clinical Social Work


• Specializing in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy
• Direct Clinical Services/EMDR Consultation and Specialty Training
• Research: Use of EMDR with Co-Occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorder (Principal Investigator)
• Writing: Clinical and Educational
• National Presentations
• Pharmaceutical Research Assistant: Clinical Drug Trials
• Treatment Supervision
• Staff Development and Training
• EMDR Program Development for Addiction


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• Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work 
• NASW (National Association of Social Workers)
• California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists
• State of California Examiner for Board of Behavioral Sciences
• Member EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)
• EMDRIA Certified and Approved Consultant
• EMDRIA Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) and EMDR Institute Facilitator
• EMDRIA Specialty Workshop Presenter: EMDR in the Treatment of Complex Trauma & Symptoms of Addictive & Compulsive Behaviors
• EMDRIA Continuing Education Provider
• California Board of Behavioral Sciences Continuing Education Provider
• Former Member of EMDRIA Standards and Training Committee
• Current Member of EMDRIA Conference Committee
• Board Member of EMDR Research Foundation
• Member ISTSS (International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies)
• Member NADCP (Nat’l. Association of Drug Court Professionals)